Paramedical scalp micropigmentation is one of North America’s fastest growing careers, and one of the most lucrative. Vancouver Paramedical Clinic offers the most comprehensive, practical micropigmentation training available in the paramedical tattoo industry. We were Canada’s first clinic to exclusively offer hair replication using SMP (scalp micropigmentation) for hair loss, hair density correction for thinning or balding hair and hair transplant scar correction and camouflage.

Vancouver Paramedical Clinic is a working clinic that offers that offers an intense 5 day, hands on training program that specializes in treatments for hair loss and scar repair. You will learn how to perform Hair Replication SMP, Scar revision, scar correction (dry needling), and hair density correction. You will also learn how to market your business or how to seek employment. At VPC we believe in a hands on approach to educating our students. With a 1 to 2 instructor to student ratio we ensure all our students are educated to the highest standard.

Why become a scalp micropigmentation clinician?

To love what you do, help others and earn what your worth. No more struggling with a job you don’t enjoy that barely pays the bills.

SMP treatments start at $1250.00 – $4500.00. Start up and training costs are low and margins are high with a quick return on investment in this high demand industry. Trained technicians are desperately needed as the industry has taken off in the past several years.

The critical importance of training

Your reputation as a skilled SMP technician rests almost exclusively on your results. Demonstrate world class procedures, and you won’t need to advertise – your customers will find you. The development of an enviable and profitable reputation starts with the right training.

What makes a great clinician?

The VPC training is for students with passion and compassion. This fascinating and lucrative profession requires empathy and excellent communication skills to help your clients with issues that are often very emotionally charged. In many cases, the results can be perceived as life changing to the individual client. Our philosophy is “Good is the Enemy of Great” we strive to ensure every new technician leaves with all of the skill and knowledge to be Great and make a difference in the industry.

What does the VPC training program involve?

Using both classroom theory based lectures and practical hands on experience with live models our students develop the confidence they need to provide exceptional treatments for their students.

Our entrepreneurial perspective encourages students to embrace innovation and challenge the status quo. In addition to critical thinking and a base knowledge in the science behind scalp micro pigmentation we help them gain the practical experience, skills and social aptitude to not only be job ready but also a leading technician in the field of SMP.

Paramedical micro-pigmentation is NOT the same as permanent makeup. Very different techniques and needles and supplies are necessary to ensure a 100% natural outcome to our treatments. However, the skill set that you acquire during your training will allow you to understand the principals and practice permanent makeup if you choose to do so. We do not teach permanent makeup but the level of skill we will teach lends itself to easily transition.

At Vancouver Paramedical Clinic we offer:

  • Small class sizes to optimize learning. Only 12 students are accepted per session.
  • A practical learning focused environment. Our goal is to teach you how to perform the treatments at the highest level possible. For some of the medical language there will be home study involved.
  • Lucrative career options. We fast track your learning to prepare you to start earning immediately.
  • Quality supervised hands on learning with live models from the first day of class.
  • Relevant ,marketable skills with little competition in the job market.
  • Marketing and Sales necessities and the available use of one of our clinical rooms to help jumpstart your career without a large investment.
  • Continued field support when needed.
  • Technicians and instructors that are always up to date in the very latest skills and technology for the competitive edge.

Register today and start making a difference in peoples lives.

VPC offers one of the highest performance training courses in the industry. This accelerated 5 day program is intended to Fast track graduates to develop the knowledge and skills to learn and earn, as quickly as possible. We provide VPC students with the core skills coupled with the practical knowledge valued in todays market.

Contact us to learn how you can launch a rewarding lucrative career in the multi-billion dollar hair loss industry!

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Entrance Requirements:

  • Grade 12/GED or mature student status.
  • High functioning communication skills in both written and verbal English.
  • Applicants are required to participate in an admissions interview or pre-admission assessment either via phone or in person at the clinic.
  • A medical or esthetics background is helpful but not necessary.
  • Medical insurance is required for international students during their 5 day training.

The Program offered by Vancouver Paramedical Clinic consists of 5 Days of Intensive training. During this program you will receive the instruction and knowledge necessary to become a certified Paramedical tattoo specialist.


Color Theory Basics
Pigment Compounds
Skin undertones and color matching
Skin Structure
Pain Control
Over view of procedures
Equipment demonstration
Needle positioning
Needle types and uses
Hands on practice


Allergies and patch testing
Healing and aftercare
Correcting mistakes
Client consultation
Forms and Releases
Medical records


Cross contamination
Protective Equipment
Work place safety requirements
Pigment migration
Setting up your work station
Hands on treatment by students with live model
Color correction


Hair Replication
Hair Stroke and Pointulism
Hands on procedure performed by students


Scar Revision
Hair transplant donor scar correction
Hair Stroke
Keloid Scars
Dry Needling
Surgical Scars
Hair Replication
Color Mixing
Application Techniques
Hands on procedure performed by students

For more information on this exciting career opportunity contact us to speak with a representative regarding class availability and pricing.