Thinning or balding hair is not only an issue for men. Over 45% of people that suffer from hair loss are women. For women the hair can be thin on the entire head or commonly the part in the hair gradually widens. While there is some acceptance of hair loss in men, women find it particularly distressing.

Female hair loss can be caused by 35 or more separate medical conditions.

Lifestyle factors such as; diet, stress and use of prescription medications often mark the onset of the hair loss. Doctors often test thyroid function and hormone levels of women experiencing increased hair loss. Many experts believe hormonal changes such as; menopause or pregnancy may play a large role in female pattern balding but it may also be predominately due to genetics. In some cases no defined cause can be found for hair loss in women.


The Savin Scale is often used to describe how progressed the hair loss is at any given stage. Starting with a “normal” hairline to progressive stages of balding or thinning. The Savin scale is helpful in describing, recording and monitoring the progression of the hair loss in women.

While the causes of female pattern balding or thinning hair in women vary there are few effective treatment options available. Often times the hair appears much thinner than it actually is due to the contrast of the very light color of the scalp skin and the darker color of the hair. Using scalp micro-pigmentation in a shading effect on the scalp in a color that matches the clients hair color has proven highly effective in correcting the appearance of thinning hair in women.


Vancouver Paramedical Clinic offers density correction treatments for women at all stages of hair loss. This treatment for hair loss in women diminishes the appearance of thinning hair. You are an excellent candidate for hair density correction if you are a Grade I or Grade II in the diagram below. Unfortunately, we are not able to treat Grade III hair loss using this method.

We understand that female hair loss can be devastating and take a toll on your confidence and self esteem. We can help. The treatments are safe, effective, affordable and permanent. For more information about the treatment options that may be available to you please contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

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