Many men and women choose to have hair transplant surgery every day. The industry terminology is called a linear transplant. This is the process of harvesting a strip of hair from the back of the head.

A strip scar is what is acknowledged in the hair loss field as the particular scar that is created within the scalp from the harvest of the transplanted hair. The result of the healed scar can vary from virtually undetectable to visible ridged, puffy, puckered twisted scarring. We have significantly improved hundreds of scars regardless of the style you wear the hair, short or long.


Scar Camouflage is how VPC started in the SMP industry, with referrals from Hair transplant clinics throughout North America. VPC is the industry leader in repairing and improving surgical, trauma and hair transplant scars. VPC will effectively camouflage your scar to provide you an alternative to the daily maintenance of sprays or concealers.

Vancouver Paramedical Clinic, can camouflage a linear scar in just a few hours with a highly evolved 3 step approach to scar revision, leaving your scar virtually undetectable. Scalp Micro Pigmentation is a great alternative to painful scar revision or a great compliment to Follicular Unit Extraction.


Scar camouflage will typically require two treatments. Scars can be unpredictable and after the first treatment a few weeks is required to assess how the pigment behaves in the scar tissue. The scar may reject pigment in more dense areas after the first treatment. Which will dictate the course of treatment necessary on the second visit to ensure the desired result is achieved.

For more information and a full evaluation of your individual situation please book a free consultation with one of our senior technicians that specializes in scar camouflage and revision.

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