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There are so many reasons to choose scalp micropigmentation, and even more reasons to choose VPC for your treatment.

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Scalp micropigmentation is the treatment of choice

Men are no longer confined to extravagantly priced hair transplants to address their hair loss problem. The scalp micropigmentation procedure is one of the quickest and close to painless methods available today. Our SMP technicians use a selection of specially made needles to accomplish optimum results, creating shallow penetrations upon the dermis of the scalp. These needle heads inject specially manufactured inks to resemble hairs growing out of the skin in a pre-selected pattern. The pigment density and colors are combined to create an illusion of a full head of hair.

Vancouver Paramedical Clinic understands the precision and technique required to complete a hair pattern that is convincingly accurate to the human eye. We recognize that each case is different and we deliver the same excellent results for every individual patient.

When should SMP be performed?
Scarring and the different kinds of alopecia
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